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Covers a wide variety of needs and ranges from correct crop rotation to soil management to curing techniques, to name just a few. Since consultancy can be short- or long-term, it is an effective management tool that is very cost competitive and focused. The customer receives the benefit of vast knowledge and experience, but only when required, and without the hassle factor and cost of full-employee benefits. All advice is given in the strictest confidence and is tailored to meet the needs of the customer – sometimes a chat or a walk through a field for a morning can reassure management or revise strategy for a growing operation.



Based on customer requirements, or our assessment report, training can be tailored made to suit either large-group farmer sessions or a more individualized needs such as, “train the trainer” with follow- up support on a monthly basis, or as appropriate. Training modules are extensive and range from seedbed management to “curing with a rocket barn with solar assisted combustion,” for example.



We can provide experienced project and business management consultanty of donor-supported development projects or based on customer requirements, defined financial/management support.



Since we live in a globally connected community, where what happens in rural communities anywhere in the world by day is viewed on CNN that night, compliance with chemical applications and residue standards, use of sustainable wood for curing/cooking, good agricultural practices and corporate social responsibility is becoming a “must do” scenario for growing companies. We can provide reports on “where we are now” to “where we want to be,” with follow up training and verification reporting as needed and appropriate.



This is a subject unto itself and we have good experience here and are able to provide expertise for Biodiversity risk and opportunities assessment reports.



Growing costs are increasing, labour is becoming scarce as people move to urban areas – the need for appropriate technology for small growers that reduces labour or costs or removes the drudgery and repetition of labour is becoming increasingly important. We are well placed to research and implement any new appropriate technology with follow up training and advice. Where appropriate and practical, patent application can be pursued to achieve maximum competitive advantage.



Through LARSS we have the latest varieties from South Africa and are well experienced in import /export documentation and the ambiguities of individual countries seed treatment requirements. Seed sales come with backup service and advise – use the document link below to see varieties available and contact information.




Most large corporates with growing ties have the need for farm experience for their management trainees. Again through LARSS in South Africa, we are very experienced in accommodating, training and accessing trainees on the LARSS farm in Neilspruit South Africa.